Marko aka Mark Wheatley


My artwork encompasses a variety of working methods including painting, printmaking, sculpture, zine making and textiles. I am intrigued by the balance of order and improvisation, some aspects are planned and a certain amount is down to spontaneity and feeling. Central to my working method is the act of play. Play enables an engagement in the moment relying on intuition and most importantly freedom, allowing ideas to flow and develop. Exploring shape, colour, form and composition, I am continually striving towards a pared down simplicity and directness.


marko black IMG_5401

Exhibitions/ Projects


2018 Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair.

2017 Beach London, Zine Scene, zine making workshop.

2017 Here Gallery, Bristol, People are Strange, solo show.

2017 D.I.Y. Art Market across various venues in London.

2017 Manchester Print Fair at the the Manchester Central Library.

2017 Print Stuff fair in York.

2017 Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair.

2016 Manchester Print Fair at London Road Fire Station.

2015 Pushing the Envelope, The Illustration Gallery, London.

2013 HOT-ONE-HUNDRED, Schwartz Galley, London.

2013 No Dark Places Festival, Alternative Press Fair, London.

2012 HESA Imprint magazine Issue#14 Addiction.

2011 Pulp Fictions, Transition Gallery, London.

2011 Print & Design Now, SW1 Gallery & Bearspace Gallery, London.

2011 International Alternative Press Festival, Conway Hall, London.

2010 Berlin Bongout, Octopus Gallery, Brighton.